Our Mission

Cross Roads was started with the idea to bring people back to Jesus Christ through music. Very often Christian music is associated with very soft and easy listening sounds but a stigma always seemed to be attached to this style. While it appealed to certain audiences, it seemed that this style did not captivate all the audiences of today; thus the inspiration for Cross Roads. Our model is to incorporate rock/pop music with a positive Christian message blending originals, traditional Christian songs and secular songs using Christian words and themes – “Cross Roadsized”.

We are mindful that we are competing with the negative influences of our world which use skewed messages lacking moral conviction, respect and compassion for one another.

Cross Roads believes in order to reach people with the Good News of Jesus Christ you must first meet them where they are in their daily walk but in addition, to especially reaching out to those who do not know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior as well.

Many people will argue that rock/pop music is not the best way to preach the gospel but we believe that this style of music is the perfect vehicle to do so for today’s contemporary audiences. If history recalls, a poor carpenter over 2000 years ago proclaimed a message that was attainable to all by using parables and stories that used themes common to the daily experiences of people’s lives while still delivering the gospels’ exacting message, traditions, beliefs and values. Music is the universal language for all.

We hope you will feel inspired and uplifted at a Cross Roads concert or event and that the experience will lend itself to having you ask more about the Love and Grace of Jesus Christ. If music is what will get the Good News of Jesus across then use that medium to deliver the message. We must however make sure the message is delivered clear and unwavering; the Good News that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and through Him alone, salvation comes.

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